10 seats Limousine car rental tphcm

A 10-seat car with a bar, refrigerator, mini conference table … from premium leather wrapped wood grain to the most luxurious of the current under-form medium limousine luxury appeared in Europe.

HINH 101



The limousine furnished with completely new and fascinating enchanting than ever.

There are 10 seats limousine’s interior features and special highlights as follows:


    Interior design with modern luxury and VIP seats and 3 seats 4 standard rear passenger compartment
Each seats are equipped with seat belts and settle onto independent separate
Automatic screen LCD TV
Modern sound system with DVD player combines USB connectivity
System soundproofed bulkhead between the passenger and the driver drill
LED lighting system with unique light to create space to politely trongva
Systems separate reading lights for each seat
220v outlet for charging batteries handy phone, lap top, ipad
Versatile Phone Charger is equipped with integrated different phone line Iphone4 / 5/6, Black Berry, Samsung, Nokia … ..
Calls between passengers and drivers
High-speed Wi-Fi system
Meeting table Mobile
Mini liquor cabinet
Mini refrigerator
Ngande umbrellas and first aid kit.

Interior image::




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