Mistakes to avoid when automotive oil change

No less driving mistake acquired 4 below when oil change cars led to the waste of money and cause “worship” for the car to.

Tell you how to determine when to change the oil super standard automobile Importance of automotive oil filter always necessary to use lubricants, automotive manufacturers?

1. It should change the oil when the oil cars turn black


When self-care and maintenance of cars, many drivers often visits the discovery of oil and the oil turns black instead of amber as new, they claim that the oil was too dirty and need replacing. However, this is a totally wrong to think scientifically. In fact, the oil turns black when it is time efficient operating oil to lubricate and carry away residue or metal dust generated during engine operation. After a long period of use, will lose viscosity oil because too many impurities exist in the oil. This is the time the driver needs new oil change.

Summary: Driving regardless of viscosity of motor oil rather than its color. Oil change should be undertaken in accordance with the automotive engine manufacturer’s limits recommended in the manual.

2. Need to change the oil every 5,000 kilometers automobile


Many years ago, most car manufacturers recommend changing oil users should each 5,000km. If to exceed the figure above, the residue will easily accumulate in the motor resulting in reduced capacity and damage to other parts of the machine.

However, now this is no longer true. In fact, the automotive engine oils with viscosity today significantly improved, new recipes combined with technical expertise to help produce modern cars can run about 12,000 km after every oil change . The leading specialists from renowned car magazine Consumer Reports has tested several times and concluded that the majority of new lubricants can help vehicles operate well over 12,000 kilometers, unless otherwise in weather conditions, extreme terrain.

3. Add additives to improve engine performance


This is only true in the case of additives manufacturers are available in air-oil before bottling. Most famous brands are adding oil additives to increase the viscosity of oil as well as protecting the metal parts inside the machine, even rust.

Therefore, the addition of additives to float on the oil market can cause inefficient work or at least cause a waste of money. To be sure about this job, the driver should read the instructions to see if the manufacturer has requested to add any additives which are not. And experienced professionals used cars are said only supercar new level requires more special admixtures.

4. Synthetic oil (synthetic oil) may cause leakage


Back to the 70s, when the synthetic oils (from chemicals such as polyalphaolefins instead of oil) complete beginners go into production, they are completely incompatible with gaskets in the engine. Synthetic oil is the cause of the oil seal contracted and will interpret it to leak to the outside. Therefore, many drivers have chosen synthetic oil from oil for their cars.

However, so far, this was not entirely true. By far, the oil companies have changed the formula to prevent the phenomenon of contraction joints occurs. Even so, in fact, synthetic oils are still causing leakage when used for older car models each use synthetic oil long time. The mission of synthetic oil to help clean up the residue in the engine. This invisible residue clearing the government always fill tiny cracks in the joints leads to the oil leak. But this is not a problem on new car models, but if you already own cars with age over 15 years, it’s best not to switch to using synthetic oil.


Source: Dantri.com.vn

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